Saturday, 13 July 2013

PAS Candidate Is An UMNO Member?

The election process has started early this morning where both candidates and thousands of their respective supporters walked in a parade like fashion to the candidate naming location. 

It can be seen here that there are many PAS leaders but only a few leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition attended the parade. The absences of PKR & DAP leaders are clearly notable. Only Lim Kit Siang’s personal advisor is seen walking with his entourage.

If the strength of supporters is taken into account, PAS supporters dominates BN with a ratio of 3:1. What can we confirm today is that more than 20,000 PAS supporters attended the candidate naming process.

This particular situation is expected as the Kuala Besut area is located near the Kelantan state which a stronghold of PAS since the late 70’s. Even the Pasir Putih constituency that is situated beside the Kuala Besut area is a parliamentary seat won by PAS in the last 13th General Election.

However, the candidate naming process has been marred by accusation that stated PAS candidate, Endot @Azlan Yusof is an UMNO member, and once held the position as an UMNO branch youth chief in Kelantan.

This particular news is not easy to bear; especially after the “bai’ah” or oath taking ceremony by the PAS candidate was sensationalized by UMNO and their supporters as a proof that PAS cannot trust their own candidate.

The truth about this particular news is uncertain; however the information that has been leaked by an informer in the UMNO camp shows that the issue is going to be played as a main issue that will be used to attack the PAS candidate.

We ourselves believed that it is impossible that Endot @ Azlan Yusof can become a successful A class contractor without a relationship with UMNO or its leaders.

It is impossible that UMNO would allow a contractor that is a PAS supporter to get an A class licence that has been kept by UMNO members to enables them to get mega projects and to “donate” a sum of their profit to the government.

Even if so, Endot @ Azlan and Husam Musa the Election Director of PAS for Kuala Besut has to come clean with this issue, before it can become a weapon used by UMNO to attack the Pakatan Rakyat.

Husam has to get involve and we was informed that Endot @ Azlan was one of the funder for Husam Musa during his stint to take over the Putrajaya Parliamentary seat from UMNO’s legendary leader Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Even though Husam failed to capture the seat, the ability of Endot @ Azlan to conjure up 150 men from Kelantan to help Husam in Putrajaya is truly an incredible feat.
We from the negarapakatanrakyat.blogspot.com do not want this news to be left unchecked. Pakatan Rakyat’s opportunity to win in Kuala Besut is entering its most challenging phase. We need to clear up all the issues at hand before we can face UMNO’s candidate who has a clean record. Husam and Azlan @ Endot must come clean for the sake of the people of Kuala Besut.

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