Monday, 15 July 2013

Teachers Are PAS Agent?

Like we all know, Perhentian Island is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. It was named as one of the 10 most beautiful Islands in the whole world. The beauty of Perhentian Island sandy beaches and golden shores has attracted thousands of tourist since years ago. 

Other than that, Perhentian Island is also one of the 9 voting centre in the Kuala Besut constituency. With 733 registered voters, the Island would be one of the target by both parties who are currently having a showdown in the 24th of July 2013. 

Sadly, no one knows that the beauty of Perhentian Island is marred by the low quality education that is currently plaguing the school children.  
It was said that the teacher’s attitude is the factor that has created a very low quality of education for these children.  

The teachers here are said to have been lazy and ignoring their duties to educate and teach the children of Perhentian Island.
From the complaints of the residence, many of the teachers in Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Perhentian spends their time in the main land rather than focusing all of their effort to the education of the children.

This particular action clearly caused a serious effect to the education of the children as they did not have enough time to finish their syllabus that has been stated by the Ministry of Education. It was said that some of the teacher, teach the student so fast so that they can spent more time to go to the mainland.

This particular habit is clearly seen in almost all of the teachers especially on Thursdays.
This “accusation” is supported by the UPSR result in 2012 where Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Perhentian is the worst school in Terengganu. 

Many of the pupils failed their UPSR exam.
Even though we were informed that the government has already spent millions to build teachers quarters in the school, the teachers refuse to stay there and they are willing to travel from the main land. They prefer to stay in Kuala Besut. 

There are statements made by the locals saying the the majority of the teachers in the Perhentian Island are PAS members and they consider the help from the government will only burden them with sins.
This particular thinking is not strange in PAS as we all know that PAS members are thought to ridicule and hate the government, even though the government is trying its best to help them. 

This particular incident has been forwarded by the locals, however, because of all the teachers are PAS members their letters and emails are thrown in the rubbish bin as soon as it is received by the recipient.
The Ministry of Education has to take this seriously and investigate what is happening in the Perhantian Island to ensure that the future of the children is not jeopardise because of the lack of formal education. 

If it is proven, then the opportunity in the by election should be use smartly by the federal government to improve the quality of teachers to ensure that BN will always gain the support of the people.

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