Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Star’s Mind Boggling List of Most Friendly MPs ...

The findings from a survey by The Star on the ‘friendliest’ MP, made a friend of mine nearly fell off the chair for laughing so hard.

The findings was said to be based on the way the MPs handled the ‘ambush’ by The Star reporters and how they answered the questions.   Some questions were tricky and some were plain, direct, general knowledge. 

Who would have imagined that the winner of the most friendly MP would be Khalid Samad?  I mean, this was why my friend laughed out loud.  Khalid Samad is known to be grumpy. This Salman Rushdie’s look-alike couldn’t even hide his temper when he didn’t get the ‘right’ volume of applause when his name was announced as a candidate in the last election.

And Nik Abduh is the runner up?  All we know is that this guy could be grinning and smiling because he couldn’t answer the questions and that doesn’t mean that he’s friendly.

Except for Nazri Aziz, the top ten most friendly MPs are all from the Oppositions and this include Tian Chua, Lee Boon Chye dan Kulasegaran.  Even Dr. Hatta made it at the 10th place.

If this is another stunt by The Star to discredit the BN MPs, then it is the worst stunt ever.

We know for a fact that The Star is no longer the voice of a BN’s component, but rather the voice of the Oppositions, or more accurately, the Chinese.   And we know for a fact that the Opposition MPs are only friendly to pro-PR medias and being a pro-PR media, The Star was of course received by PR MPs with sparkling grins and friendly laughs.

We can be sure that these same MPs would not give the same reaction should it be Utusan Malaysia that ambushed them with the same questions.  

In fact, Utusan should be so lucky to not receive a summon for an honest, innocent question like ‘did you or did you not accept the GE-13 result?’  And if only the Oppositions won the election, Utusan Malaysia wouldn’t even be able enter the parliament or any government programs.  That’s how ‘friendly’ the PR MPs are and they have proven so, so many times before.

On the contrary, BN MPs have never shut the door on pro-PR media, even though these media are known to be very ‘cunning’ in their reports.  

There are quite a few BN MPs who are well known for their friendliness, such as Bung Mokhtar or Ahmad Maslan.   These two are always approachable that the media could be ambushed by them instead.  But somehow, their names didn’t get to the top of The Star’s most friendly MP list.

So, this is how The Star plays the game – biased and unjust.  The newspaper made up conclusions from one particular scenario and published it just to create ‘perception’.  This is the very same game that is being played by the oppositions.

I guess, it might not be long for The Star to become exactly like Malaysiakini, where perception and outright lies are being published as factual reports.

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