Friday, 26 July 2013

Analysis : Merger of Chinese Political Party!

The Barisan Nasional (BN) structures are divided into parties that are racially based and it has been proven that the formula for harmony and peace worked. The formula is to ensure that every race has a voice through their parties and will not have to face the risk of being left out by the party leadership. 

Every party then has their own space to pressure the BN leadership to ensure each and every race is fairly treated. The leadership of BN are responsible to act on the issues that have been discussed. The main goal is for the benefit of the people of Malaysia. 

We all know that the structure of BN is the main target by the opposition by calling it as a racist system. This particular action by the opposition proves that the Pakatan Rakyat in Malaysia is not politically mature. Up till today, all the critics that they made are not positive to the development of the country. 

It has been proven that everything that has been criticized by the opposition is made worst. For example, the abolishment of ISA, The Emergency Ordinance, the indelible ink, and also the sedition act.


In other words, the critics that came out of the mouth of the opposition are a critic that can destroy our country. All of their actions are focused on destroying BN and not to strengthen the country. 

Thus, the opposition pressures on BN to become a non-racial entity and change the party structure are methods to weaken BN. With the defeat of all Chinese party in BN, there are calls for all of these parties to merge. 

Basically the merger cannot make any difference in the strength of BN if the same approach is taken by the new party. We cannot doubt the benefits that it can bring, such as cost saving in the managerial level. 

However, the merge must take into consideration the original structure with the racial polarization of the party. This is has been said to have bring a lot of positive feedback for Malaysia. It has been proven that all of the non-racial party are not equipped to work for all of the races. Only the race of their leaders can benefit from such parties, this is what is happening to the DAP.

The DAP are led by the Chinese since its establishment and no other race has been successful in penetrating the leadership circle. Even the DAP leadership ensures any individual from other races that will be given an important position must be a person with low I.Q. and can be manipulated easily so that their agenda of Chinese supremacy will stand strong.


The most disgusting thing for DAP is to put a Chinese with a Malay name to represent the Malays, just for the sake of tricking the Malays into believing they are a real nationalist party. PKR is also the same. Even though it promotes itself as a multiracial political entity, is it logical for Anwar Ibrahim to permit PKR to be controlled by other races other than his family members and his cronies. Same goes to Gerakan, do you think that Gerakan that is led by Chinese will open its doors to Malay or an Indian to take the helm of the party?


The answer is no! Not in a million years. In fact the minority in the parties are not more than mere puppets or symbol of their party. Do not believe the lies of the opposition that says UMNO and MCA as racist. 

The truth is the BN structure is the only key to keep Malaysia afloat. And all the opposition, ever wants is to get hold of the key so they can destroy what we have built.

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